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Show Travelers Pure Hospitality

Choosing where to vacation is easy, but finding a hotel is personal...and our air quality monitoring solutions make the decision simple. Modernize your buildings by displaying your custom branded dashboard in your lobby and rooms with real-time data about your environment, while you receive recommendations for optimizing energy & cost savings. The guest experience becomes more luxurious when they know more about your building.


Green-Certified Hotels Draw More Travelers

Hawken's monitoring platform isn't just a solution--it's an amenity. Surveys found that 85.6% of travelers are willing to pay more for an eco-friendly hotel, with some even willing to pay up to 75% more per night. Place your air quality monitoring and healthy building logos on your website to instill confidence in your travelers' choice with you, all while maximizing your bottom line.

Integrate with your current BMS or use standalone 


Measure air quality

Hawken offers selectable standards for each measurement, including EPA, OSHA, and ASHRAE, as well as occupied and after-hours changeover thresholds. You can also customize your filter, BPI, and UV schedules to optimize your air quality. Ideal for facility managers who want to maintain a safe and healthy travel experience.

QR codes & automated alerts

Hawken sends real-time alerts via text and email to notify you of any maintenance and air quality issues. It alerts you when it's time for a filter or BPI/UV bulb change and when sensors are offline. It also notifies you of poor air quality events and excessive air pollution according to EPA AQI standards.

Enterprise Management

Hawken offers a single dashboard to organize and control portfolios of any size. Manage multi-site hotel properties with ease and organize floors and zones with nested structures. Use our search and drill-down features to quickly access information and receive automatic reports in real-time. Optimize your operations with our streamlined portfolio management solution.


Customizable for your needs  

  • Healthy Building

  • Energy Savings

  • Loss Preventions

Welcome to the world's first Healthy Building Credit Score

Hawken provides you with a trustworthy and open score based on global standards. Our unique system benchmarks your building against the national standards set by organizations such as ASHRAE, CDC, EPA, OSHA, and more. Our scoring process is transparent and documented in detail, so you can trust the results you receive.

Take your first steps towards Carbon Neutral Footprint 

Monitoring energy usage and improving energy efficiency is a crucial step towards reducing costs, lowering your carbon footprint, and creating a more sustainable future. By implementing smart energy management systems, you can make a real difference in reducing energy waste and maximizing energy efficiency

45% savings with 24/7 monitoring and alerts

Are you tired of constantly worrying about property damage and loss due to undetected leaks or malfunctioning refrigeration systems? At HawkenAQ, we understand the importance of protecting your property, which is why we have developed innovative loss prevention products.

Every building. One platform.