The Ultimate Solution for Long-Range Connectivity

The Hawken Hub is the answer to your connectivity needs in your smart home or business. With LoRaWAN technology at its core, the Hawken Hub acts as the central hub for all your Hawken Smart Sensors. Whether you need to connect via WiFi or Ethernet, the Hawken Hub provides a secure and reliable connection to the Hawken cloud or local installations.

In addition to its automatic connectivity, the Hawken Hub also gives you the ability to run local commands, giving you complete control over your installation. Whether you need to run a local command or connect to the Hawken cloud, the Hawken Hub provides you with the flexibility you need to make your smart home or business run smoothly         
  • Effortless setup for connecting all Hawken Smart Sensors to Smart Connect instance
  • Secure data transfer with LoRa wireless technology for reliable and fast long-range connectivity
  • Complete control over installation through ability to run local commands and connect to cloud
  • Available in four different regions: H1b-US (North America), H1b-EU (Europe), H1b-AS (Asia), and H1b-AU (Australia)
  • Suitable for various applications, including commercial real estate, restaurants, schools, retail stores, industrial facilities, and vacation rentals
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