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Our Vision for Indoor Air Quality

It’s not just about healthy people–it’s about a healthy building. When you can visualize the data on the air in your spaces, you can start to act upon a healthier building. This means employees are more productive, students get better grades, and customers purchase more and stay longer. Our monitoring solutions make it easy to improve your energy output and prioritize holistic health in any commercial building. 

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Every Building. ONE Platform.

With real-time insights and AI powered recommendations, Hawken monitors any and every space to detect pollutants, unwanted smoking/vaping, and help you prevent virus and mold outbreaks. Simply put: We make your building work harder for you.



  • Healthy Buildings

  • Energy Savings

  • Loss Prevention

Welcome to the world's first Healthy Building Credit Score

Hawken provides you with a trustworthy and open score based on global standards. Our unique system benchmarks your building against the national standards set by organizations such as ASHRAE, CDC, EPA, OSHA, and more. Our scoring process is transparent and documented in detail, so you can trust the results you receive.

Take your first steps toward Carbon Neutral Building

Monitoring energy usage and improving energy efficiency is a crucial step towards reducing costs, lowering your carbon footprint, and creating a more sustainable future. By implementing smart energy management systems, you can make a real difference in reducing energy waste and maximizing energy efficiency

45% savings with 24/7 monitoring and alerts

Are you tired of constantly worrying about property damage and loss due to undetected leaks or malfunctioning refrigeration systems? At HawkenAQ, we understand the importance of protecting your property, which is why we have developed innovative loss prevention products.


What our customers say

"HawkenAQ works perfectly across the wide variety of buildings in our portfolio, and it was easier to install than I could have imagined. Their product has given our staff and students peace of mind going back to school amidst difficult times."

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